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Now that summer has finally arrived, there will be plenty of opportunities to unwind under the hot sun, at the beach, over a barbecue, and in other ways. But that doesn’t mean you should completely disregard 3D printing! Why not bring some practical 3D-printed items on your trip this year? Try out your 3D printer and seize the chance to create unique and valuable objects. We present to you today a collection of 10 simple & fun things to 3D print in 2022 summer to help you enjoy the summer, whether with pool or beach toys, accessories to ward off…

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While there are numerous potential issues, 3D printing layer shifting is visible because it affects dimensional accuracy and visual appearance. This is because layer shifting occurs when layers are continuously and unintentionally moved in the same direction as the part is printed, with subsequent layers offset from previous ones. Typically, each layer gradually moves towards one direction (sometimes two, but usually only one), resulting in an incorrectly slanted print that looks bad and does not function as expected. Layer shifting can also appear as a single large displacement at a specific layer. Layer shifting irreversibly destroys prints, as there is…

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3D print subscription boxes, such as the Maker Box and Alien3D’s UFO, are a fun way to keep your 3D printing supplies topped up. Continue reading to see our top picks. Subscription boxes for 3D printing usually include some filament samples (Source: Cratejoy) A Risky Bet Subscription boxes have gained popularity in various categories recently, from makeup to drones and 3D printers! A subscription box is a box of supplies that arrives once every one, two, or three months and is typically related to a specific interest. 3D print subscription boxes are special because they always contain various supplies, so…

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